A Hairdresser’s Guide to Blow Drying Your Hair the Right Way

A Hairdresser’s Guide to Blow Drying Your Hair the Right Way

Blow drying our hair is not always easy. Some days it's just meant to be and others it just will not cooperate no matter what we try. This is when we grab a good old scrunchie or possibly even a hat!

However there are some little things that can help with a successful styling session. Have a look at our professional hairdresser tips below that will help you get beautiful salon results every time.

  • Firstly be aware of the direction of air flow from your dryer. It is essential the air is blowing down the hair shaft towards the ends as this will help create smoothness.
  • The heat on your dryer plays a big part in how smooth the hair becomes. Although excessive heat is never great for the hair it is important to have the dryer hot enough to set the hair. By set we mean changing the formation of the hair, and to do this we need heat using our blow drying brush and dryer and then we also need to allow the hair to cool. This process will set the hair and help it hold its shape longer. But always remember when turning up the dryer to keep it moving to avoid burning your hair!
  • Be careful not to add too much styling product. For some hair types products are essential however for finer hair if there is too much added it may become heavy and even oily therefore making it very hard to get volume.
  • Smaller sections- this will take a little longer for you overall but taking smaller sections will help with evenly distributing the heat therefore getting better results and a more thorough blow dry.
  • And the most important tip….make sure your hair is actually dry! If there is the slightest bit of moisture still in the hair it will become frizzy and will not last long for you.

We all want our hair to last as long as possible so try these tips next time you enjoy some hair pampering time!

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