Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? 

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? 

When it comes to creating the perfect blonde shade it is not always fun but this is where a good colourist will help you achieve your ideal shade. Blonde can be a never ending complexity of changing tones from the time you visit your hairdresser to when you are due for a touch up 6 weeks later.

For those who are blonde you will understand the importance of your toner. The toner is usually a semi permanent which gives your hair the, well, tone. For example, ash blonde, violet blonde, beige blonde, peach blonde and many more. The options can be overwhelming and this can alter slightly with every shampoo as the toner fades with each wash.

So what are some ways to help keep that beautiful salon colour throughout the weeks between appointments and avoid the brassy undertones to start coming through?

  1. Only shampoo when you need to. This will benefit not only your colour but your hair and scalp also. Natural oils can help damaged and porous hair so hold onto them as long as you can and another tip for bleached blonde hair, brush your hair from roots to ends regularly to move that nourishing sebum down the hair shaft a little!
  2. If your toner is fading faster than you would like, consider booking with your stylist just for a toner in between visits. Being a semi permanent this would be a relatively quick appointment but will keep your hair looking fresh.
  3. Use a toning shampoo at home. These are great to have to quickly freshen up dull and brassy blonde. Purple toned shampoo is often the most popular but there are other beautiful shades you can experiment with also like rose gold, beige and even aqua if you’re feeling brave! These are a nice way to add tone without committing as they fade quickly.
  4. Treat your hair! When hair is damaged it becomes porous which means the cuticle on the outside layer of the hair shaft is open leaving it susceptible to your lovely and often expensive colour to just fade away into the darkness! By treating your hair with a hydrating hair mask, preferably with keratin protein in the ingredient list it will help repair the cuticle, leaving your hair feeling good and also helping to sustain that colour!
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