Get rid of frizz this summer!

Get rid of frizz this summer!

As summer in the Southern Hemisphere gets closer, those with wavy or curly hair will know the pain of frizziness from the heat and humidity. Frizziness can also occur in summer from the damage caused from time in the sun and swimming in the ocean and the harsh chemicals of pool water. Not to mention there is a whole lot of lightning in salons at this time of year! 

So what do I recommend to my clients in the salon during summer? A few tips that help during the hotter months to keep our hair looking healthy and shiny but most importantly reducing the frizz:

❤️ Extend the time between washes  …Maintain your natural oil levels by stretching out the time between shampoos

❤️ Use a thermal protectant when heat styling  …Maintain the moisture levels in your hair by protecting them from heat tools, preventing damage, breakage and flyaways

❤️ If you are in the sun a lot consider using a hair sunscreen to protect the colour from fading too quickly

❤️ Use the right products X ...This should be a no brainer! Look for products that contain natural ingredients and avoid chemicals like parabens and sulfates that can damage and strip the hair of its natural oils. Keep up with your treatment routines, once a week is ideal. And a little hack when using Coco Adore Hydrating Hair Mask…. You can apply a small amount into your curls and leave in as a moisturiser to protect from frizz through the day! 

The ongoing battle with frizz for a lot of us is no joke, but by being kind to our hair will help reduce this and in return we can love our hair through summer!

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