Hairstylist’s Top 3 Tips For Making Salon Results Last This Winter

Hairstylist’s Top 3 Tips For Making Salon Results Last This Winter

Healthy Hair in Winter

Hair Care in winter is equally important as it is in the hotter months. As much as the sun and surf can have damaging effects to our hair so can the cold weather. Having a routine for yourself and time out to treat your hair for recovery is important in order to manage your locks every day. When your hair is healthy you will always get a better shine, smoother results and your colour will always last longer.

When  your hair is damaged, the cuticle (outer layer of the hair shaft) is generally open therefore your colour is free just to rinse out faster than you would like no doubt. Using a hair care program with a good source of  keratin protein to help strengthen and repair your hair will smooth the cuticle giving you more shine and a longer lasting colour.

Below are our 3 top tips to having beautiful hair in winter and keep it in its optimum condition.

  1. Avoid hot water showers! As tempting as it is to turn up the heat when the temperature drops, washing your hair in extreme heat dries out your hair and scalp- dulling the colour, giving it a straw like texture and contributing to hair static, frizz and breakage.
  2. Don't leave the house with wet hair! When the water in your wet hair meets the cold air, it freezes and leaves you susceptible to breakage. If you’re running from your house to your car then throw on a hat or scarf (bonus points for silk!) for protection.
  3. Just like your skin, the cold weather dries out your hair too! Amp up your moisturising routine and fight frizzy hair using a mask like Coco Adore from @xoaushair to ensure your hair’s thirst is quenched and to maintain those shiny locks.

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