Our 'must haves' in self care products, what do we want?

Our 'must haves' in self care products, what do we want?

As women we love not only collecting, but displaying our beautiful range of self care products. There is something very aesthetically rewarding with having a display of gorgeous products that we love. Of course we want to feel the benefits from using these but for many the look, the feel and the smell are so important and needs to resonate with our heart and soul. 

Another important factor to mention - is this a product you would be proud to share with people and recommend to you friends and family?

Then there are your own personal values and preferences in your products. Is it natural, is it made locally, is it cruelty free, is it sustainable and eco friendly? Whatever your ‘must haves’ are when we find something we love that ticks all the boxes it is heaven!

In this era of easy access to reviews, feedback and online shopping we are so lucky we can research and discover beautiful products locally and abroad. So when we find something worth raving about let's do it as not only are you boosting a brand but your friends will love you for it.

What are your favourite self care brands and why?

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